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We have well honed project management skills gained from many years of experience. We clearly define what’s needed, research what is out there already, plan a way forward which includes consultation and public involvement when appropriate, and having broken the project down into achievable steps, we ensure that progress is made within agreed timescales.

Throughout this process, we are committed to communicating effectively with all the key players.

Social marketing differs from marketing in that it focuses on behaviour change in relation to social rather than financial goals. It seeks to understand why we live our lives as we do, and why we make particular choices.

This is very useful when trying to understand why people behave in unhealthy ways such as when they smoke or drink too much, or indeed in healthy ways such as when they eat well and take regular exercise. This insight is then used to inform the work we do.

In any social marketing project, we try to answer 4 key questions -

  1. Who are the people we wish to engage with?
  2. OU CertificateWhere are they in relation to a particular behaviour?
  3. What factors cause this positioning?
  4. How can they be moved in the desired direction?

Becki Ballard has recently successfully completed a personal development programme in Social Marketing run by the Institute of Social Marketing, a collaboration between the University of Stirling and the Open University.


When identifying the needs of a particular target group, we use a variety of research methods, most notably focus groups, questionnaires and individual interviews.

We provide a direct recruitment service to ensure that we have the right profile of person in the focus groups we run. We can then be confident that the feedback is truly representative of the needs of that target group.

To understand the client experience more clearly, we also try to capture ‘emotions’ as recommended by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement using client journals, photo journals, observation, film, conversation cards and drama.

We have developed an extensive range of resources, some of which form part of an initiative, while others are stand alone products.

The target group is consulted during the course of any such resource development and there is an emphasis on readability, including plain English.

We have excellent contacts with some great designers and have identified those who are particularly strong on health communications.


We like to tailor training to the client’s specific requirements.

Please contact us to find out how we can support you with your training needs.

We use most of the above tools when developing effective campaigns to ensure they have impact and hit the mark.

Working Together

We are available for organising and communicating a range of events, from one-off conferences, to a series of monthly workshops.

We have a portfolio of venues to suit all needs, so please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you with organising your event.

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