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Richard Price, Strategy Manager, DAAT


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Cervical Screening – recruiting the non-attendees

Client: Great Yarmouth and Waveney Primary Care Trust

Cervical ScreeningGoal: In conjunction with Dr Ray Lowry, to improve the uptake of cervical screening using a social marketing approach.


Innovative use of researchers and drama consultants has enabled non-attending women to identify clearly what they like/dislike about the service as it currently exists.

This has identified improvements to the environment, but more importantly it has highlighted that the non-attendees can be categorised into 4 profiles according to character. The needs of the women in the first profile are quite different to those in the fourth profile and this has implications when it comes to service delivery. The intervention has to change, sometimes subtly, to respond to their differing needs.

Staff training is therefore an important element of this project and is planned. This initiative will be written up fully on completion and provides excellent learning for delivering all kinds of health services.

Tackling Drugs LogoDevelopment of Information & Resources
for the Norfolk Drug & Alcohol Partnership

Client: Norfolk Drug & Alcohol Partnership

Goals: to support N-DAP in the production of their portfolio of resources; to advise on opportunities that exist to enhance current resources and to communicate effectively about any new developments; to support the Information Group.

Progress: Work plan of resources is complete, which includes newsletters, leaflets, guidance materials and web content. Expertise provided in terms of the process involved in the production of resources, access to suitable designers and printers, and the importance of plain English and layout to ensure readability. Ideas on what might be possible in terms of campaigns also given.


Be Cignificant! – setting up a local Stop Smoking Service for Norfolk

Client: NHS Norfolk


  • Be Cignificant! – setting up a local stop smoking service for NorfolkTo set up from scratch a new local stop smoking service for Norfolk as part of a national initiative.
  • To understand fully the service required, how to operate it effectively and who to recruit into the posts.
  • To promote the service by producing a range of well branded resources for both staff and the public.
  • To regularly brief staff to ensure their knowledge about the service is up to date.

Progress: The Cignificant service is well known across Norfolk, including in the most deprived communities. The service goes from strength to strength and has an ever-growing team of personnel.

Protecting Under Fives from Second Hand Smoking (SHS)Protecting Under Fives from
Second Hand Smoking (SHS)

Job Summary

Client: NHS Norfolk

Goal: To understand the mother’s perspective on smoking and 'second hand smoking' in order to gain insight into what future actions, including communications, would most effectively encourage them to alter their smoking behaviour.

Progress: Full report presented to client. Please contact us if you would like a copy of the report.

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