How we do it

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At the start of any project, we are careful to scope the work fully and agree SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timed) aims and objectives.

The Project Journey

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When developing an initiative, we understand the importance of gathering insight from the target group to ensure that we fully understand their needs.

We know how to directly recruit effectively and are skilled in researching via a range of methods, including focus groups and individual interviews.

We have access to 20 years experience of managing a range of projects often on complex issues and with multi agency involvement.

Using briefing meetings and project plans, key personnel are fully informed about how the work will progress and within what timescale.

We work hard to ensure good communication with the client throughout a project by being very accessible and responsive to them.

We can adapt quickly to any changes that are needed should these arise during the course of an initiative.

We have a creative team to draw on which consists of artists, drama and dance consultants, photographers, social media consultants and designers, and use them to great effect. Taking such a creative approach can be especially useful when interacting with the target group and trying to get to the core of what matters to them.

We also draw on this creativity when thinking about how best to communicate a particular message.

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